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About Our Pack

Made with love in Northern California

A note from the founder


When I think about crafting and creating, it’s always been a means for me to do more and truly make something special. The ability to take a piece of fabric and mold it into something new and beautiful, something functional yet special, has always fascinated me. I grew up with a single mom who, on top of her full-time job, started her own business. I watched her work endless hours to provide for us, but I also got to watch as she built something from nothing. From the minute I could hold a piece of ribbon she had me crafting. She believed that no matter how tired you were or how much work something took, it is that extra touch that it takes to personalize and create it by hand, which makes all the difference to someone. It’s always worth it. She taught me that if you worked hard, you were rewarded. I’ve carried that lesson with me throughout my life and always try to go the extra mile in everything I do.

So, when it came to my two best friends Bella and Bandit (meet them below), I would have gone to the end of the Earth to find something that was special for them. Now, these two best friends drool a lot and they are often smelly, and always messy, but they get an A+ in the love, affection and snuggle department. I wanted something that fit their needs and personality and I needed their new beds to be comfortable, with maximum stuffing, washable for those unavoidable messes that are just part of being a pup parent and would also fit into my home décor. It had to be built to last, especially because Bandit despises giving up his bed for anything.

I had a lot of items on the “must-have” list for these beds and, after not being able to find exactly what I was looking for, I took matters into my own hands and began sewing Bandit his first custom bed. After many nights spent in front of the sewing machine, Bandit at my feet and Bella snoring in the background, my quest for the perfect beds for them evolved into this amazing adventure that we now call Sammy’s Sew Shop.

Thousands of happy pupstomers and several years later, our shop has grown. We now offer a whole line of bedding products for your fur babies and the ability to completely design every detail of your own bed, right down to the stuffing. We still take pride in giving every product that extra touch, delivered with one-on-one service to form lifelong relationships with our loyal customers.

Every product is handmade with love and care right here in Northern California and we are so grateful to play a role in making your best friend’s life a happy, comfortable and beautiful one! Thank you for letting us live our dream.

Meet Sammy’s Pack

Rory, Pupstomer Service Manager

The newest pup to join our pack, Rory is as rowdy as he is cute and that’s why we’ve nicknamed him “Rampage.” His morning routine consists of waking everyone up by doing laps around the house and jumping from bed to bed. He has to give his paw of approval to all of our fabrics before we premiere them, and always likes to be right in the middle of the action. If you message the shop, there is a great chance Rory is positioned on a lap at the computer giving his input.

Favorite item from the Shop: A tie between Sammy’s Snuggler bed (without the pillow) and any of our blankets. He also loves to taste test any toys that make it into his path.

Bella, Director of Barketing

In January, we were devastated to have to say goodbye to the leader of our pack who oversaw it all, our Sweet “Bell,” after her brave fight with cancer. In true Bella fashion, her main focus was always to keep a watchful eye over her family, even on the days that weren’t so great. Her favorite thing to do was product test new beds and fabrics, and we couldn’t help but laugh at her adorable snores when she fell asleep on the job. Her love, affection and loyalty has shaped Sammy’s Sew Shop from the very beginning and will continue to live on every day as she watches over us from the Rainbow Bridge. We couldn’t have started this without her and are forever grateful that she chose us as her humans.

Favorite item from the Shop: Any bed she could nap on! Her favorite was the mattress bed.

Bandit, Chief Pawperating Officer

Bandit may look like he’s tough, but he’s nothing but pure love on the inside. He plays it cool and shares the spotlight with his siblings, but deep down he’s an attention-monger who is just waiting for the next snuggle or pet. You can thank Bandit for making sure your orders are processed smoothly; he likes to sit at his Sammy’s feet to pay extra close attention while helping to oversee daily business pawperations.

Favorite item from the Shop: He is known to crawl right under the Double Minky blankets, especially if they’re plaid!


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