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Treat them to personalized pet beds and accessories that are as beautiful as they are functional.

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    Sammy’s Custom Circle Bed


    Sammy’s Custom Circle Bed


    The perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and fashionable design. Each bed is handmade and custom designed by you and will fit perfectly with your home décor, expressing yours and your pet’s personal style.

    ✔ Customizable
    Select up to 4 different fabrics for the bed and select a trim fabric to come up with your own amazing combination! INSERT HYPERLINK TO VIDEO

    ✔ Washable
    The Cover features 5 hidden zippers which allows for easy removal of the 5 cushion inserts allowing you to throw the cover in the wash so your pet can be stylish, comfy, and clean! INSERT HYPERLINK TO VIDEO

    ✔ Adjustable
    Each pillow insert features its own zipper which allows you to easily adjust the comfort level for your pet by adding more fiber-fill or taking it away. Also allows you to refluff or stuff the bed overtime. INSERT HYPERLINK TO VIDEO

    ✔ Reversible
    Easily change up your pet’s style by simply reversing the bed, giving it a whole new look in just minutes! INSERT HYPERLINK TO VIDEO

    ✔ Durable
    Since each bed is reversible you get use out of both sides! This makes your bed last twice as long.





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