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Personalized bone pillow

Personalized Bone Pillow

You've selected to customize a new pillow for your furbaby. We want you to have a fun and easy experience designing your pet's new pillow. We have thousands of fabrics to choose from, let's start by narrowing it down to a few of your favorites.

In the section below please choose several fabrics you would like to experiment with in the next step of the design process. You will be designing your bed live! Be sure to choose a couple different combinations so you have plenty of options to play with!

This is a simple 5 step process. See tutorial if you need help with the design process.

Pick at least 2 Solid Fabrics

The solid fabric colors will be used as the trim on the bone pillow.

Choose Your Trim Accent

Select a few solid colors that you would like to try as trim accent on your new pet pillow.

Design Your Pillow

Now that you have narrowed things down to just your favorite fabrics lets start designing! Click on each pillow section and select the fabric you would like to see there. Want to try different fabrics? No worries, just select “go back” and you can change out your fabric in your design cart. Lets get started!

Pillow Fabric Premium Fabric + ${{ctrl.CustomProductObj['side-a-pillow'].fabric_price}}Outdoor Fabric + ${{ctrl.CustomProductObj['side-a-pillow'].fabric_outdoor_price}}Minky Fabric + ${{ctrl.CustomProductObj['side-a-pillow'].fabric_minky_price}}

Which one of the fabrics would you like to use for the pillow fabric?

  • Premium Outdoor Minky
Trim Premium Fabric + ${{ctrl.CustomProductObj['trim'].fabric_price}}Outdoor Fabric + ${{ctrl.CustomProductObj['trim'].fabric_outdoor_price}}Minky Fabric + ${{ctrl.CustomProductObj['trim'].fabric_minky_price}}

Which one of the fabrics would you like to use for the trim?

  • Premium Outdoor Minky

We offer complimentary emboidery of your pets' name as part of our design-your-own service. The embroidery will only be placed where you see it in this preview. Embroidery will only be on one side of the pillow.


Would you like to have your pets' name embroidered on the pillow?

  • Yes please!
  • No thank you

Embroidery Font

Your pets name will be in this font on your custom pet pillow.

Embroidery size shown in builder will be relative to size of product, size shown is smaller than what will be on actual product.
Pick Your Size

You're only one step away from finalizing your own custom designed pillow. Yay!


What size pet pillow would you like?

If you need help selecting the right size, view our size guide. (your selection of size won't change the product image)

Final Touches

We're almost done! Let's review your furbabies new pillow. Simply add to cart when you're done! If you want to make some changes, you can jump between the steps if you need to.


How pany pillows would you like? (required)

If you're happy with your design, please check the box below (required).

Total: {{ctrl.CustomProductObj.totalCost | currency}}

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