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Noir Minky Cuddle Drifter


Does your pup deserve a little extra love this year? Truly spoil them with the new all velvety soft dog bed as they drift into sleep. Made from cuddle soft premium minky, snuggle time never felt so good!

ChocolateChocolateChocolateNoirNoirNoirGreyGreyGreyCreamCreamCreamBlushBlushBlushHot PinkHot PinkHot PinkRedRedRedOceanOceanOceanNavyNavyNavyLeopardLeopardLeopard
S24" x 18"M30" x 20"L36" x 29"XL40" x 33"XXL50" x 40"


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About Pillow The Bed

The perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and great design. Each bed is handmade and customized by you to fit perfectly in your home enhancing yours and your pet’s lives.

Choose any dog bed cover + insert combination you like and then make it extra special by adding your pet’s name

The dog bed Cover features a premium upholstery grade brass YKK zipper, which allows for easy removal of the  cushion inserts allowing you to throw the cover in the wash so your pet can be stylish, comfy, and clean! Get extra covers to have on hand during washing cycles. Inserts are also fully washable and feature a hydrophobic material to protect against accidents, ward off stains, mold, and dirt.

Durable & Long Lasting
We pride ourselves on our quality so every pet bed cover is built to last from upholstery grade, machine washable material. Cover are finished with overlocked stitching for maximum durability, a premium zipper, and covers are tapered for that just so look in the corners.

Adjustable & Sustainable  Inserts
Each pillow insert features its own zipper which allows you to easily adjust the comfort level for your pet by adding more filling or taking it away. This also allows you to re-fluff or re-stuff the bed overtime. Inserts are channeled to keep stuffing where it is suppose to be keeping your pet comfortable for years to come.

Choose one of our Sustainafill Inserts, made from recycled water bottles, or the luxurious shredded memory foam insert , especially great for pup’s with achy joints and bones.

Choose the Cover Only option and stuff your pet bed full of old clothes/blankets or even upcycle an old bed! Your pup loves their human’s scent so they will love this option especially if they have any separation or anxiety concerns.

Handmade In The USA 
Every bed is handmade with love from our family to yours! We source our materials locally and practice low waste manufacturing.

Size/WeightShapeDimensionsExamples of Breeds
x-small dog iconX-Small
Rectangle19″ x 13″ x 9″Most Small Cats, Yorkies, Chihuahas, Pomeranians, Maltese, Papillons
Square19″ x 19″ x 9″
small dog iconSmall
Rectangle24″ x 18″ x 10″Fat Cats (you know who you are), Shih Tzus, Pugs, Dachshunds, Poodles, Boston Terriers, Miniture Pinschers, Bicons Frises, West Highland Terriers, French Bulldog, Lhasa Apsos, Havanese, Pekingese, Chinese Cresteds
Square23″ x 23″ x 9″
medium dog iconMedium
Rectangle30″ x 20″ x 10″Beagles, Miniature Schnauzers, Shetland Sheepdogs, Cavalier King Charles, Scottish Terriers, Cairn Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers
Square29″ x 29″ x 10″
large dog iconLarge
Rectangle36″ x 29″ x 10″Boxers, Bull Dogs, Cocker Spaniels, Welsh Corgis, Basset Hounds, English Springer Spaniels, Australian Shepherds, Sharpeis, Wheaten Terriers, Bull Terriers
Square33″ x 33″ x 10″
x-large dog iconX-Large
Rectangle40″ x 33″ x 10″Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Siberian Huskies, Weimaraners, Collies, Vizslas, Airedale Terriers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Standard Poodles, Border Collies, Chow Chows
xx-large dog iconXX-Large
Rectangle40″ x 50″ x 11″Alaskan Malamute, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Great Danes, Old English Sheepdogs, St Bernards, Weirmaraners
CustomCustom sizes and bigger sizes are available upon request. Please Contact Us and we’ll be able to help you.


Don’t just buy a bed, make a statement! Select any of the below accessorize to make your new custom bed EVEN BETTER or select any of our unique personalized accessories on their own! All fully customizable, personalization included, and they make great gifts! 

Personalized Bone Pillow

Don’t just create a bed, make a statement! Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! The bone pillow makes to perfect add on to your new custom bed! Its adorable and ultra comfy for your pup to rest their head. Choose a matching fabric to go with your bed or a contrasting pattern for a bold look! Perfect for gifts! Finish your design by personalizing with your pet’s name!

Personalized Blanket

Lets get cozy! Personalized blankets can be made with one of our premium cotton fabrics paired with a solid minky back or if you want to get extra luxurious and cuddly you can design a double sided minky blanket. Each blanket is trimmed with an accent cording to give it just the right amount of pop! Finish with your pet’s name. All blanket are washable, super soft, and adorable! Perfect for gifts!

Personalized Toy Baskets

Keep all their toys tidy with our personalized toy basket. Choose any fabric from our thousands of options to create a fun combination that matches your bed or just to have a beautiful place to store their toys alone. Select a fabric for the basket cover, font for your baby’s name, and name color. All basket covers are removable and washable and made from upholstery grade fabric for durability!

Waterproof Inserts

Every bed has a removable washable cover, but what about the insides?

With this new add on you can protect the insides of your bed from any accidents or spills. These inserts use a special fabric that repels water and safely guards the stuffing on the inside! Not to mention this makes your life easier during the dreadful puppy potty training phase or the occasional furry friend accident!

Your bed will come pre-assembled with the waterproof inserts already installed so you can give your furry friend their bed right out of the box. Waterproof inserts can be ordered for the main bed pillow (seat only) or for the whole bed!


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